Bournhall's Tobaco Road


Am CHptd

Hip and elbow tested - HD-A, ED 0/0
prcd-PRA - clear 
EIC (Excercie Induced Collapse) - clear
Myopahy (HMLR) - clear
HNPK - clear  

Дата рождения: 03.12.2010 г. 



Bournhalls Buster Brown
Dickendall Davaron Anslo 
 Ch.Dickendall Arnold
Waterbound River Witch
Bournhall's Nutmeg Consellation
 Tabatha's Brown Tuxedo
Snowden Hill Raisin In The Sun
Bournhalls Moonlit Chock Full Of Nuts
Ch.Labradale's Coffee Crisp
 Ch.Borador Willcare Master Copy 
 Miron Kaffe Latte At Labradale
Ch.Bournhalls Black Jade At Moonlit 
Bournhall's Sir Lawrence Oliver
 Bournhall's Nutmeg Concellation


Picasso Herbu Zadora
chocolate boy, was born 10.08.2014 PRA and EIC clear
mother Zafira od Himalajskeho cedru (PRA and EIC clear)